VNewsletter – What are you Doing Today?

- August 20, 2012 2 MIN READ

Hey Everyone,

When you are starting a business sometimes we get all caught up with the “day to day” “busy busy” tasks that actually DON’T contribute  anything to the bottom lines of our businesses. All the paperwork and social media and writing and planning is always a priority over the actual “doing” part sometimes and this ladies and gentlemen, is bad for your pockets.

I have been there, its easier to clear the emails and have coffee’s that may present opportunities for the future, but unless you have a stack of cash in the bank and are not looking to make money, this daily approach to things will not serve you or your business very well at all.

One of the things that I learnt when working as a consultant in a major recruitment firm was the value of “core hours” – basically this means the hours in which actually selling stuff is vital for your business, there is usually 5 core hours in a work day and EVERYTHING else should be scheduled around those. It is because of this system, that this recruitment firm is a global success with thousands of workers and massive profits. [they give away cars and shit for incentives!]

I have implemented the same concept in my own business, for my own schedule. Coffees are great, I get asked to have a lot of them, but they don’t really immediately make me money. I do realise however that they are important for building long term relationships and so I schedule a select 3 hours a week to be at the same cafe and do my coffee meetings there in half hour slots, saving me time and money on unscheduled travel and traffic scenarios.

How are you keeping yourself on track in your business?

Tighten your Time Up.