VNewsletter – Our new social network: Shoebox

- August 6, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Hi there Everyone,

Today we are pretty excited to introduce Shoebox: our new FREE social network to the Shoestring website. We really wanted to give our readers a section/forum where they can interact and share knowledge with other readers of the site and start discussions on topics in the startup space.

Click here to Register or Click here to Sign In

It is dead simple to use: you just log in, or create a profile from the Shoebox widget on the sidebar, upload a profile picture and fill in some of the basics about you and your business. You can then check out other users profiles, say hello to them and start forming meaningful business relationships with them via wall comments or private messages.

You can also enter discussions in our Forums section. Ask questions or seek guidance and give feedback to ourselves and the Shoebox community. We look forward to further engaging with you all through Shoebox and hope that this will be the first step in providing you all with further engagement and assistance throughout your startup journey!

Have a Super Week!