VNewsletter – Can I Pay You To Like Me?

- August 26, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Paying people to follow you on social media is a bit of a hot topic at the moment, especially since SMH ran an article on the types of services and businesses out there that take care of this type of thing for you. There is a lot to be said around “faking” it until you make it, but when you are messing with “metrics” in your business I feel that you are being dishonest with customers.

When it comes to growing a social media following for a startup, the number one priority you should have is building an engaged community, not a large community. Large will come later if you do what you do well. “Engaged” allows you to find out what people want, what changes you should be making and really get access to data on who your customers are.

The other issue is a lot of the people purchasing likes are actually only gaining spambot profiles and likes as followers which means that essentially you are wasting money. Spambots are NOT potential customers. Spambots will NOT BUY your products and services. Spambots DO NOTHING to help the bottom line of your business. So why the hell would anyone purchase them? What a waste of money that could be spent on marketing to acquire ACTUAL customers.

Watch the video, we implemented a campaign this month to drive engaged followers to our site and facebook page, no spambots – actual people from the networks of our HIGHLY ENGAGED readers (customers) – be clever with social media, don’t be lazy.

Would you rather be wealthy from customers buying stuff from you? Or have everyone perceive you to be popular because you have 10,000 fake fans?

This week create some awesome content, share it and grow your social media the hard (but rewarding) way.