The 5 Best Video Branding Methods!

- August 17, 2012 3 MIN READ


We know that your business will gain ROI from video if it is used correctly.

So here are ProductionParty’s tips on utilising the affordable marketability of online video for small businesses

1. Know the market: who is watching?

  • Knowing who will be most receptive to your brand will make your production needs clearer. The happiest clients are the ones that know exactly what they need for their video
  • How will your segment be watching your video? Tablets, phones , computers and TV’s; knowing HOW your market watches will tell you how to engage them and strengthen your future brand strategy

2. Production price vs. distribution

  • Being everywhere is more possible than in the past. So do it! Think beyond TV, print and website banners. With Hulu, Netflicks, YouTube, etc , consumers are now happy to watch video online
  • Distribution is more affordable now with online viral marketing a possibility
  • With sites like ProductionParty.com video production can be sourced at the best prices, however the pitch with the lowest price may not always be the best option. Check out producer showreels, company descriptions and references . Have a conversation before committing. All this gets you a good picture of who to hire

3. Test and try

  • Did you know that 20% of video consumers click away within 10 seconds? The best and only way of improving this is by experimenting.
  • Talk with various producers about different video styles. Try animation, interviews and profiles; analyse what is getting the most clicks
  • Research! Did you know that, according to the latest comScore report, live streaming is 7% longer in consumer stickiness than average video? The more time you have, the more likely your consumer will build a positive impression

4. Push for clicks

  • Click-to-action in your video. The easier it is for your consumer the more sales you’ll have.
  • ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Learn More’ buttons turn engagement into sales
  • But don’t be too pushy!  Don’t let the prompts interfere with the viewing; the more freedom you give your consumer and the easier you make it for them, the more likely they are to build a relationship

5. Be easily shared

  • Make it easy for your consumer’s friends to know about you as well
  • ‘Likes’, ‘Shares’ and recommendations are the new word of mouth- make it easy to share with 1 click
  • Show an embed code so users can easily put your video on blogs, etc
  • Analyse where your video is being shared, it will tell you more about your market!


Top 5 Tips in Choosing a Video Producer

You’ve posted your video brief, have a good selection of pitches to choose from and it’s time to award your pitch. How do you make sure the video producer you’re selecting is the best person for the job and can deliver what you ask?

Here’s ProductionParty’s top 5 tips for selecting a video producer you’re going to love.

Be clear about the video you want

The happiest clients are the ones that know exactly what they need for their video. This is why the ProductionParty briefing form is laid out in such a way to provide as much clarity to video producers as possible. The more relevant info you can give your video producers the better.

Don’t always go for the lowest price

Whilst one of the major benefits of ProductionParty.com is being able to source video production at the best prices, the pitch with the lowest price may not always be the best for the work you need. Check out showreels, the company description and references if available. All this, along with their pitch, gets you a good picture of who to hire.

Have a conversation

Once a video producer has pitched, feel free to have a more detailed conversation about what you need. We encourage a good chit-chat on the platform to help both parties understand the brief and proposed ideas. We also understand if want to use tools like Skype to clarify further. A good tip is to ask the producer to repeat your brief back to you with their execution ideas – see if that helps

Ask for style references

Some producers may have more showreels that what is displayed on ProductionParty.com. If you have a style in mind for your video, mention it in the brief and ask producers for work of a similar style for example their company profile videos, single person interviews, animation, etc.

Understand the timeframes involved

It’s important to understand from the producers how long it would take for them to do the shoot and finish post production. The ProductionParty.com briefing form makes the delivery date very clear, but it is good to double check that the time estimates provided by producers are realistic. If you find the right video producer, they’ll try to allow some flexibility to get the job done.


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