Switch off higher electricity bills!

- August 28, 2012 2 MIN READ

According to the Australian Greenhouse Office, standby power cost Australian consumers $950,000,000 in 2005. That means standby power accounted for around 10% of Australia’s residential electricity consumption! So… 10% of our energy use is a complete waste of money PLUS we could be reducing Australia’s electricity-related environmental impact (including carbon emissions, a favourite topic in Aussie politics) by 10%, simply by turning off our power points when appliances are not in use.

EcoSwitch is a fantastic little Australian gizmo which helps remind you that power is being wasted even when your office equipment is off – and to literally switch that wastage off with the press of a button. The product has three ends – a plug that goes into a power point, a plug receiver for a power board or singular appliance plug and a glowing switch button. Turn the switch ‘off’ and your standby power usage will grind to a halt.

With the Australian Government’s new carbon tax laws, the EcoSwitch is an excellent way to reduce your energy footprint. Since, according to www.cleanerenergyfuture.gov.au, on average “$9 out of every $100 of your electricity bill is due to the carbon price”, you could essentially eliminate the costs of the new carbon scheme by using EcoSwitch with all your appliances which would otherwise be draining standby power when off.

Whilst we sit in the camp of not being disproportionately ‘scared’ by this rise in cost of electricity – especially when we don’t represent the ‘big business’ that is being most affected by the scheme – we value anything that will help “shoe string” our business operations – and that’s why we like the EcoSwitch. We’ll save money.

EcoSwitch is currently available to purchase for $19.95 (or less for bulk orders) at www.ecoswitch.com.au.

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