Startup says Daily Deals are Out & it’s SMS that’s IN

- August 22, 2012 2 MIN READ


A newly launched Sydney startup focusing on SMS loyalty believes it has the key to make retailer cashiers ring again.

With worsening business confidence and declining retail trading conditions unseen in 25 years, businesses are desperate for solutions to restart their dwindling sales.

Research shows up to one third of businesses using daily deal sites lose money on each deal they sell, due to high fees.

Statistics show SMS messages outperform Mobile Apps by 300% as a more effective solution for business owners aiming to increase sales and customer loyalty. With 70% customer response rates for SMS, which are 6 times that of emails.

Catering to this SMS alternative is Slexicon.com, a patent pending Service begun by two high school friends providing a Free SMS loyalty System that allows businesses to connect with their customers. Slexicon.com is a Free SMS Loyalty network connecting businesses and consumers via SMS, letting customers “Join the SMS Club of every business they love”. While businesses can send exclusive offers and updates to their customers, creating loyalty and increasing sales by communicating exclusively with them.

Slexicon was started by Vito Grigorov and Andrew Iliadis both best friends since attending high School in Sydney. Forging a bond over their interest in reading the AFR newspaper and a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad. During and after high school they launched and ran a Mail order business, An events company focused on High School dance Parties/Formals as well as an innovative Charity project for Deforestation which received donations from market research companies thanks to supporters willingness to actively complete online surveys.

Slexicon.com co-founder Vito Grigorov says “Each Business is a brand, not a deal voucher. Slashing prices doesn’t generate long term sales
or loyalty. Only direct exclusive communication with customers can have this effect.”

By sending an SMS Coupon or relevant update to mobile phones of customers, businesses can create repeat sales from past customers and new sales from friends of those customers.

Mischa & Laura Olshansky, fashion Store owners in Sydney’s Surry Hills say “we’ve almost doubled the number of customers and sales in the previous two months for our business. Plenty of new customers are arriving with an SMS coupon to redeem at my counter after friends forwarded the coupon to them.”

Slexicon.com provides businesses with a personalized sticker that is placed on their window or counter. Customers simply call a number on the sticker to “friend” the business and log their mobile number. Business owners then call a free service line to tell the operator the SMS message they want sent out to their growing customer mobile list.

Slexicon is currently in BETA.