Send & Receive Business Success: Email Marketing

- August 7, 2012 4 MIN READ


Email marketing has been described as the standard by which all other online marketing is measured. And it is no longer good enough to blast your list with newsletters. Emailing tactics and strategies have evolved. 

International business consultant Kerwin Rae has created an emailing strategy blueprint to increase the odds of your sales message being opened or clicked, making theemail a highly effective marketing strategy for your business.

“Having control of when and how you send an email is an enormous advantage that is not being utilised properly by a huge proportion of businesses. Emails are an extremely effective marketing tool but there has to be strategic purpose to an email. 85% of the emails sent daily are Spam – you don’t need to get lost in the storm,” Rae said.

He offered his thoughts on the ‘perfect’ email:

Timing is everything

Based on data collated from over 7 billion emails, it is proven that 9am daily is the worst time of day to send an email as people are still getting into the daily grind. And when it is time to check emails, it is more than likely that email will be hidden in-between various newsletters/junk emails, thus becoming ignored.”

Buck the Tuesday trend

“Contrary to previous popular opinion, Tuesday is most-likely the worst day to communicate business messages via email, due to the fact that the majority of the population use this day to send their ‘important’ emails, leading to inboxes all over becoming inundated with requests,” Rae explained.

Therefore 10am daily, except for a Tuesday, is considered to be the best time to send off an email.

Weekends work

“Many wouldn’t think twice to send an email on the weekend, however it has been proven that 10am’s on Saturdays and Sundays is one of the best times to send an email due to the fact that most users report reading email on mobile devices, have more free time and email traffic is much lower.

“Less clutter equals greater attention span – simply put there is less competition and more time to get read. From 7 billion pieces of data it turns out that Saturday and Sunday are in fact some of the best days to send emails for open rates and click throughs.

“Day to day traffic is much slower.”

Get personal

“Personalise your emails as often as possible – this helps proves to the receiver that this wasn’t an email blast.

“People love being spoken to, not spoken at.”

Include nurturing subject headlines

“Beware of sales-y jargon. A sure way to get your emails into the spam folders of your recipients is to include words such as “Win”, “giveaway” etc in the subject header.

Logic vs. emotion in content

“Make sure that the email has the right combination of logic versus Emotion. You want people excited but what will often get people to click on a link are logical reasons why they should.  Don’t expect things to sell themselves – they don’t.

“You must give people emotional and logical reasons to act.  Paint a picture and remember less is more; 100-300 words is more effective than 500+.  Time is money so some it up and do so with punch.”

Set realistic audience goals

“An approximate 20% and higher open rate is considered a successful email marketing campaign. This does vary from industry to industry and day to day so it pays to research prior and set yourself realistic goals.

Paint a picture

“A popular theory is that you should only send plain text emails, but this is not as clear cut a statement as it used to be. The majority of receivers can now read, and will appreciate, an attractive mix of text and visual content.

“You should however be aware that when including rich content that approximately 15% of receivers have this functionality turned off still.”

Click throughs count, not open rates

“Most people measure email effectiveness by open rates, which is an amateur mistake.  Opens rates don’t sell, “click throughs” do – making click throughs the most important metric in email marketing.”

“Having a good open rate is important however if you get 20% opens and 2% click throughs your not setting the world on fire. Compare this with a 10% open rate and a 20% click through, which will equal more enquiries and more sales.”

Spam score your email

“It is important to get a spam score on the content of your email.  Simply having a word like “million” in your copy can have a drastic effect on delivery rates as ISP’s may deem you spam and not even allow you through or deliver you straight to thespam folder.”

Give a reason to act

“Most importantly, it takes a bunch of yesses to get an open and a click through but only one no for it to be put in the trash.  Make sure you vet your copy to ensure it is on message and has a clear and compelling reason to act.”

Make direct offers

“Marketing Sherpa.com did research a while ago that found direct offers beat newsletter responses by 206%.  So have a clear goal for your email. For example, a response and action that can be measured as leading to a transaction.”

“Education is important and combined with sales strategy has been proven to be far more effective than just simple attempting to educate the customer.”


Kerwin Rae is a businessman, coach, mentor, entrepreneur, author and international speaker. As one of the world’s leading business commentators and SME strategists for over a decade, he has coached thousands of start-ups consultants in numerous countries on business development, marketing, sales, human behaviour and entrepreneurialpsychology. He has recently been appointed to the board of MBE Education. www.kerwinrae.com