New Startup changes the way we think about our Spaces

- August 8, 2012 2 MIN READ


Spaceble.com, an online peer-to-peer marketplace for physical space, is not only disrupting the self-storage and parking market, it seeks to bring a new space supply while changing the way people think about and use their space.

The intent is to revolutionize the way empty space is used by transforming everyday spaces; i.e. garages, backyards, offices, driveways, etc., into rentable spaces that you can use (e.g. music brands space to practice), store or park (e.g. car, boat etc).

Say you own an apartment – but you don’t drive or own a car. Spaceble allows you to list that spare unused space to someone in need. With Spaceble, you can rent the space out to others who can use that space while generating additional income in the process. But Spaceble is not limited to carparking spaces: think garages, backyards, unused office spaces or even your humble bookshelf – yes, any space can be rentable!

Using Spaceble is easy. You simply list an unused space on the site for free with just a few clicks. If you’re looking for a space, simply type in a suburb and find available spaces around it. The site basically helps to connect both parties and facilitates the matching and communication. Members only paid if they want to communicate with another member on the site by purchasing credit.

“Our goal is to help people utilize space in a new way while at the same time removing life’s space challenges – one space at a time! “ Franki Chamaki, Co-Founder says.

Each listing includes photos, a description, map, and details on price, size, access and special features. Members can create a listing and socialise their ad to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ in just one click. Alternatively, members wanting space can also list they “wanted” listing and have space owners suggest their space for free.

“We want to help people create smart uses of space everywhere. Join the Revolution”, Says Franki