Maximising High Performance

- August 6, 2012 2 MIN READ


Maxims are short statements of “home truths”. Great companies have maxims that fly around and create a high performance culture.

Maxims have special meaning within the group and can communicate a big idea in a short sentence to the other members of the group.

Nike has maxims like “We’re on the offensive. Always.” and “It’s in our nature to innovate”. Facebook has maxims like “Move fast and break things” and “fail harder” to reinforce start-up values into their business even as they become a massive company.

Today I wanted to share with you the maxims we have posted on our wall at Entrevo HQ in London:

The 10 Entrevo Maxims.

1. You get what you pitch for and you’re always pitching.
– Careful what you speak into existence.

2. Income follows assets.
– We’re here to develop and commercialise valuable IP.

3. Influence flows from output.
– Prolific beats perfect so get stuff done then get stuff better.

4. We get known by the success of our clients.
– If our clients do well, we do well.

5. We are in partnership with everyone who touches the business.
– The spirit of partnership needs to be infused in every interaction.

6. We are a global small business.
– Opportunity I snow here.

7. Ignore the reptile
– Empire Builders call the shots around here.

8. Ideas are worthless.
– Implementation is everything.

9. Lean in.
– All energy goes into moving forward.

10. The market exists to make us better.
– At all times we’re getting feedback on how to improve.

11. Go all the way to 11… then celebrate our wins.
– Where’s the party?

What would be your 3 top maxims that you have developed?

PS: Here’s one of my other favorite maxims and it’s posted on the wall of our Melbourne office…