Don’t Underestimate Your Value

- August 6, 2012 2 MIN READ


As an entrepreneur talking to investors, partners, shareholders, or anyone else, value yourself highly. You are an innovative go-getter that will put 110% of your energy into making a success of whatever you turn your hand to, so people should be lucky to have the opportunity to work with you. That is the mindset you must adopt and truly believe.

Valuing yourself is one of the least talked about issues in entrepreneurship, hidden behind closed doors and shared in confidential whispers, but it’s something to be faced head-on.

When you do value yourself, you realise that you need to continuously invest in yourself and further enrich your inner mindset. Create a dynamic and growing professional foundation by investing in trainings and seminars, and then use your increasing knowledge not only to improve your business but to prove your value to other people.

We all need to learn and grow on a daily basis, and we all need to value ourselves enough to invest both our time and our money in finding the tools and techniques, support and knowledge that will enable us to take inspired actions now and in the future.

When you value yourself and what you offer, you are:

  •        Giving of yourself authentically from the heart
  •        Aligned with yourself and your work
  •        Not afraid of hurting someone’s feelings
  •        Not afraid your clients won’t like you
  •        Not afraid to be strong

Having these characteristics doesn’t imply that you’re not nice, supportive, or encouraging. It  simply means  that you stand in your own power and hold the space for your clients to step up into the result they want.

When you value yourself, you can truly value your clients with courage and strength. You charge what you’re worth, get better results for your clients, and share your time with your most ideal clients.

Investing in yourself will help you attract the right clients, build a list of potential clients, create a strong and sustainable relationship with them and in return watch them become paying customers and clients. Valuing yourself also means valuing what you offer and owning the results you create for your clients and its results in their lives.

In reality, when you do value yourself, you make the time and the effort to further educate and enrich your knowledge.  You always believe in yourself that you can always be better.  Every investment, whether time or financial is a great investment, because when you value yourself, you will do whatever it takes to reach for the stars.