Brainworth: Revolutionising Education

- August 15, 2012 2 MIN READ


So … I think I could learn to code python in like a week or so now, especially after seeing this awesome new startup the other day. Brainworth aims to make online education fun and engaging starting with a focus at tertiary level to begin with. Brainworth aims to bring about a change in online education by scaling the engagement of the user.

“At the moment the major players have a lot of users and have scaled the content well, but have not scaled the engagement. What that means is over the course of the typical university degree size of content, you are left with hardly any people so you are not actually achieving the big change for education that’s needed, so what we are using is psychology and game mechanics to make the education experience addictive. That way you get the people to stick around and get a strong grasp of the material” says Ben Sands the head guy and cofounder of Brainworth.

The team have been working on the product for two years, they refer to themselves as anything but a lean startup and have said they will be putting out a maximum viable product. The first release will be aimed at those people studying computer science. I have to admit that I didn’t really “get” what the team were saying in the interview [I am a simple guy, I speak dumb really well – in fact in the playback from the interview I actually said treat me dumb, really dumb] – Until they actually showed me what the product was and took me for a test drive. I have to say I was completely blown away.

The graphics were amazing I felt like I was being taken into a place that you would see in the world of Avatar, floating islands representing tasks that I needed to complete before moving onto my next lesson. First up, I needed to play a game of snake [you know that really addictive game on your phone from the 90’s?] I had to type in instructions to tell the snake where to go to get the apple / dot thing – it was pretty fun – the cool thing? I was learning to code in python and I didn’t even know it, but I got better each time – just as you do in a typical video game. Genius.

In addition to this very cool learning experience the Brainworth team have a full team of characters that deliver content in addition to the tasks, again all lifted from the world of video games. Seeing this startup pre-launch was amazing, my head explodes when I think about how big their creation is going to be, I mean gosh, computer science education is just the tip of the ice berg – any content can be broken down into their system and created in a fun and interactive manner – the possibilities are endless.