An Open Letter to EVERY Politician …

- August 20, 2012 2 MIN READ


Dear EVERY Politician, [at all levels of Goverment]

I really need your help, I don’t understand a few things.

When I go and cast my vote on election day, I vote based on what you say you are going to deliver to the community, what problems you are going to fix and who I find the most inspiring. However EVERY election at all levels that I have voted in since I was able to legally vote at the age of 18 has left me on the whole, feeling … well disappointed.

I get that your jobs are pretty stressful, I get that the media contribute heavily to the scandal and drama that comes with politics, but what I don’t get is that during the  years between every election all anyone seems to want to do is slander, provoke and catch each other out doing something “bad” or “scandalous” – and you know what, as member of the Australian community, I am not OK with that at all.

Contrary to what you may believe, the reasons behind Julia Gillard leaving a Law Firm 17 years ago, is far less important to me then the current state of small business across Sydney in the retail sector or the issue of homeless youth. It amazes me that politicians can become so engaged with a an argument about 1995 and not focus nearly enough attention on the fact that businesses are shutting down and young people are unable to find jobs.

I am sure you all went into politics for noble reasons, but the “game” seems to have consumed most of you. Every decision is calculated, based upon a study or strategy to gain seats at the “next” election, feathering your own nests and putting your “parties” needs before that of the people in your electorates.

I want you to take a second and imagine an Australia where the Prime Minister was congratulated by the Opposition Leader on making a great decision, or a Minister thanked a Shadow Minister for suggesting a great idea. Imagine if we had more collaboration in politics … I am not naive, I don’t want a system where we all hold hands and drink milkshakes together – there is a need for opposition and for someone to play devils advocate in most political, business and social communities in the world. But how about we stick to the topics and issues we elected you to fix, instead of concentrating on each others pasts and whether you will get yourself across the line next time.

Imagine if this was your last term, could you honestly say that you left public service having achieved the goal of solving the issue you wanted to fix when you first ran?