Always keep a positive mindset & Be Proud of Your Achievements

- August 15, 2012 2 MIN READ


Successful people have two characteristics: they believe in themselves and they are always maintaining a positive disposition in everything.  We hear a lot about these two things, yet somehow, these two things hide in the shadows when things do not go according to the plan, especially when emotions come into play. Yet when you look at genuinely successful people, these two things are predominant. To maintain these two powerful characteristics, you must be always proud of your achievements, regardless of how big or small they are.  This should be your mindset.

Having this mindset is crucial to attaining your success. Once you master the art of positive thinking, you are setting yourself up for a battle against any obstacle that you will encounter in achieving your goals. This means that you are making yourself distinctive among others—when you do fail on something, you will take it as stepping stone to achieve something better than what was originally planned, because the experience of failure will teach you something. And that something would not have been learned if not for a mistake.  These experiences teach you to overcome such obstacles in a smarter way if you ever encounter them in the future.  Having the wrong mindset on things will keep you stuck and just sorry for the failure.  Successful people are stench in challenges.  They see mistakes and failures as a venue for learning and discoveries.

By being proud of your achievements no matter how big or small they are, you are in fact maintaining a positive mindset.  This way, you are allowing yourself to orchestrate your success.  Little achievements are in fact your reminders that you are continuously improving, even when things are working out the way they used to be.  These small achievements keep you going and remind you that big achievements start from baby steps and constant learning.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting your face forward when it comes time to report success. The more often your name is on the lips of those that can help you grow, the better off you are. Just remember this; It’s not just you. It’s your team. Avoid coming off as arrogant by mentioning key contributions made by specific team members. Those above you and below you will respect you for it and return the gesture.  Being proud of your achievements means being grateful for the things you have and for the things that you have gained.  Being able to appreciate everything you have helps you stay positive.