Zombies & Murder Mysteries all in a days work for this Startup!

- July 17, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Tamasein Holyman founded Underground Cinema 3 years ago as a regular event put on by her production company Secret Squirrel Productions. Since the first days of opening she has grown the business from a hundred members to a massive 14,000 members across two states and growing with a volunteer staff of 160, all of whom are devoted and passionate to putting on a great performance and providing members with a memorable experience.

Underground Cinema came from Holyman’s desire to create a quality event and merge her background in theatre and love for film together, all marketing for the event is through word of mouth, with those who purchase tickets only knowing the “theme” they need to come dressed in prior to receiving communication about the location not long before the day of the film.

Before the film [which nobody has a clue what it is] has it’s showing, audience members are taken into a world of real world fantasy, interacting with actors on amongst the sets at locations, which have included 1930’s mansions and underground carparks. It builds the hype, get’s strangers interacting and creates an experience that people remember.

Holyman is also talked to us of the importance the NEIS [New Enterprise Incentive Scheme] played in her setting up her business. “It gave me the basic skills that I needed for longevity and being able to grow the business intelligently, we started Underground cinema in the middle of the GFC and I am so glad that a program like this existed that allowed me to basically do a uni degree in business that was all about me and my ideas”.