You Get What You Pitch For…

- July 12, 2012 2 MIN READ


A pitch is a powerful set of words that you send out to the world again and again. Eventually, if you stick at it and really get the pitch perfect, you will get what you pitch for.  In business, if you get it right you can raise money, attract a team, engage partners and inspire clients to take you on. If you are a change maker, you will eventually attract a following, upset the status quo and see a shift in your cause.

If you construct a sentence like “I’m the UK’s top body transformation coach, I work with men who are brilliant in a boardroom but ordinary in a bedroom and make them lean, fit and toned in 12 weeks” (like Lazo Freeman did) you will earn 200% more than the average personal trainer. You will attract A clients and you will become known for a result.

If you say “I believe the world needs a day of peace and it should be September 21″ (like Jeremy Gilley did) you will end up in the United Nations seeing a unanimous resolution for a fixed calendar day of peace in the calendar.
But it doesn’t end there.
When you pitch a bad idea that doesn’t serve you it will have just as much power. If you construct a powerful pitch like “I have no money because as a child my parents complained about not having any” you will get a following. People will show up to reinforce this belief, support you in it and reinforce it’s place in the world. You will get what you pitch for and you will have no money.
If you say “I’m overweight because of my age and because I’m not good at sport” your pitch will start to land. You will have other people agree with you, you will start to see new reasons as to why this is absolutely true, you will have others feeding you research that spurs you on in your belief.
When you consistently pitch an idea to people, it gains strength. Soon enough it becomes real to you and you can’t see the world any other way. So be careful what you pitch for. A pitch will bring you followers, believers, supporters, research and reinforcement.
If you pitch “the world is miserable”, you will get misery show up in spades. If you pitch “there’s only scarcity”, you will get scarcity. If you pitch “people aren’t helpful” you will get more of that.
It is a choice however, you get to chose what you want to pitch for. If you chose to pitch “life is good and I’m lucky”, you will get more of that. If you pitch “there’s clear opportunities in my life right now”, you will get that too. Your pitch is powerful, be deliberate with your words because you will get what you pitch for.