Why Your Startup should be on Angel List

- July 10, 2012 2 MIN READ


Uber, Kaggle, Pinterest, Branchout – just these four companies alone have gone on to raise big rounds of funding after meeting investors on Angel List – $168 million just between the four of them. Over 1000 Startups to date have received funding for their businesses after meeting investors via Angel List.

It is a unique type of Social Site, that is really ALL about the introductions and the connections between Startups and Investors. Some people love the service and there are some BIG names out there saying that all startups should be using it. Others hate it and have gone as far as publicly documenting why they have deleted their accounts.

From my perspective, and I write from the view point of a Startup Business in Australia, I think that it is a powerful communication tool to connect with great minds and potential dollars. Our startup is a media company and the sheer amount of investors that have experience in that space over in the US in comparison to Australia is amazing.

Let’s face it, not everyone in their startup phase has the time or money to book a $1500 airfare to SF to go and do the rounds of investor meetings looking for capital, that money at the very early stages could be the difference between rent for the office and being kicked out.

You will also notice that there is a growing number of Aussie investors on the platform as well. Again, you may be surprised at the specific experiences and backgrounds through looking at their profiles and they may be the “smart Money” advisor your business needs to take things to the next level.

If you are not on Angel List, I think you need to be – It is not just another social network, if you are serious bout high growth business and want to be amongst the real players, it is the perfect option to start off with.

 [please note the screen shot is dated, but represents perfectly what the site is about for those not familiar with the scene]