VNewsletter – To Build a Desk, You Need Strong Legs…

- July 30, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Hi there Everyone,

Over the weekend I was trying to put together a desk, when it comes to [actually physically] building things like furniture, I am pretty crap. I must admit I was was kinda tempted to leave a couple of screws out of the build, because at the time the desk seemed sturdy and was standing fine and they seemed unnecessary to be honest with you.

But then I got thinking what if I did that while I was building my team here at Shoe String? “Yeah that person seems good enough, they can do that job” – Big Mistake. Recruitment, especially in a startup is one of the most critical things that you will do in your business, recruiting the right people allows you to move from being in the business to being ON TOP of the business.

The reality is when it comes to bringing new people into your organisation [especially at the beginning] if you don’t hire with caution and adequate screening, that person will cost you more money, more time and more headaches than you can handle if they are not the right fit for the role, the team and the culture of what you are trying to create.

Hire Slow. Fire Fast. [Ignore the last two words if you work in HR]