VNewsletter – The Young Entrepreneurs Unconvention!

- July 23, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

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It is my favourite time of year. Why? Because the Young Entrepreneurs Unconvention is on again, it is Australia’s fastest growing movement for Entrepreneurs under the age of 35 and here at Shoe String we are massive Supporters of it and here is why.

Before I even started Shoe String, I attended my first Unconvention, and it completely opened my eyes, it was in fact the arse kicking I needed to put my ideas that I had into action and begin to create a business I could actually be proud of as opposed to just thinking about one.

It is not just the great [world class] speakers at the event that get you absorb quality information off, information so powerful that it will help shape you go to market and launch strategies. It was in fact from a talk given by Jack Delosa on Strategic Partnerships that helped shape the strategy for the first influx of readers to our brand new unheard of website.

But I have to say the most value will come from the people in the audience with you, there is just something about being in a room full of like minded individuals that get’s that fire in your belly burning and forces you to take the next steps and create something. Apart from that it is a great place to meet future business partners and bounce ideas off people and get some great feedback.

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