VNewsletter – How do I get compensated for my Blog?

- July 16, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Hey there Everyone,

A lot of Startups that I talk to have a blog as a standard part of their website, we do know that Blogs are great for a businesses SEO etc, but let’s be honest, when blogging is not a key part of your business [like it is ours] it actually costs you money to produce it as it takes away from time when you could be concentrating on bringing money into your business instead.

So how do you start getting yourself compensated for it? – If you have readers, than there are a few simple ways to get this to happen, and you don’t need hundreds of thousands of readers to make money from it. If you are a small business and your money comes from sources other than publishing content, than all you really need to be doing is making enough to cover the cost in time and effort to make having a blog worth it for your business.

So what can you do? Well the first is advertising, even small businesses will throw you some money if your blog is at a similar target audience to theirs. Another way is through sponsorships, you may have a joint venture where your blog is “powered” by another company.Check out today’s video for more tips and ideas and listen carefully to what I say about congruency – as THAT is the number one failure when it comes to businesses having blogs.

Also make sure you take advantage of our Pitney Bowes offer of a 60 day free trial of their new Smart Connection marketing software for small business.

Have a Great Week!