Stay at Home Mum in demand for her 75,000 customer reach!

- July 23, 2012 2 MIN READ


With blogging / publications etc, I often sit back and think – who is my customer exactly? Is it the advertiser or sponsor who actually pays me the money … or is it the readers and community who visit my site each week contributing to the pageviews that allow me to go to the advertisers and sell the space for them.

Both groups have specific wants or needs, the advertisers are actually pretty simple, they want eyeballs, click throughs and conversions – it is ALL about the numbers and stats as it should be, my focus for them is outcome based. But with my readers I need to be focused on building great, valuable content and giving them something they want, opening their minds up to new ways of thinking and consistently try new things – and this is much harder.

So are they both customers? Maybe. But I like to call my readers customers and my advertisers clients, just to make it less confusing for all of us at the office. And so when I talk about the blog “Stay at Home Mum” servicing ten’s of thousands of customers, I am talking readers, the people that entice the big businesses who are now trying to woo the Gympie mother to talk about them on her site.

Founder Jody Allen refers to herself as just a “mum in her tracky daks” but about 3 months ago a huge shift changed in her small blogging business – she started to field heaps of calls from big companies wanting to get themselves in front of her readers.

“I remember those first few weeks, wondering if anyone would ever read this stuff. Now we get pageviews in the hundreds of thousands each month and have built a Facebook page with a loyal 75,000-strong fan base. I’m now in a position where I’m giving other mums out there living on one wage work opportunities directly through the Stay At Home Mum brand,’’ Jody said.

Now regarded as one of Australia’s most popular blogs in the space, everyone wants a piece of her and  Jody says “The appeal for businesses is the fact my audience is made up of brand-savvy mums. Research shows women are the main decision makers when it comes to the household finances and businesses and brands want direct access to those mums.”

And her secret to building a profitable business based on community and content? “I just give people what they want,’’ Jody said. “If people leave a comment on a post or on our Facebook page asking a question, I make sure that within 24 hours there’s a post on the blog helping answer that question for them. It’s as simple as that.’’

Jody runs her business from Gympie in Queensland with her business partner Nicole Millard.