Social Startup: One Can Grow

- July 9, 2012 2 MIN READ


One Can Grow is a new Social Startup that sets out to change the way high school students think about the way they perceive business and the workforce. Entrepreneurial Skills are exactly that -they are skills that will help you in the future where ever you end up in life whether it is working for yourself or for a large company with a global presence.

The team behind One Can Grow has enlisted the help of a network of fantastic volunteers to help administer their program who also happen to be some of Australia’s best and up and coming entrepreneurs. The lessons are designed to allow students to develop ideas, refine their presentation skills and practice communicating their ideas to an audience of peers and judges. Along with inspirational talks and workshops, by the end of the program students will be open to another side of education and gain basic skill sets that can be utilised when they go out into the workforce, go to university or choose to start their own ventures post high school.

One of the things that I have always been annoyed at about high school was the lack of practical education that I received, basics such as managing money, presentation skills and project planning are all things that I was not prepared for throughout my corporate career and yet are skills I use every day now.

We think that One Can Grow is definitely a Social Startup that you want to be watching – From my experience at a recent workshop with a Girls High School in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, the ideas and problems being identified and solved by these young teenagers are gob smackingly amazing – so much that our company has recently decided to mentor and invest in an idea that we saw on the pitch day that I was at.

HighSchoolers of today are the Future of Tomorrow, I think that allowing to be equipped with the right skill sets pre workforce is only going to make the paths they forge even more amazing and will allow them to have a greater impact on the world.