Online Marketing: How to find your Keywords

- July 6, 2012 2 MIN READ


What are keywords?

We are often asked ‘what are keywords and how do I find them?’ Keywords are the words that you would like to be found for when people search for your business online.

So, let’s say someone does a search for ‘fresh apples’ in Google and your keywords are ‘fresh apples’, then you will most likely show up in the search result.
Keywords are the words you choose that you would like your website, social media, articles, videos or any other online activity to rank for online, even your business name is one of your keywords.

The best keywords to use for your online marketing are the terms that are very targeted towards your ideal client, terms that interested prospects might be searching.

The most important point is to think of keywords that your ideal online customer would be searching, there’s no point getting loads of visitors to your website if they are the wrong people.

Online marketing can be tricky and a waste of time if you haven’t thoroughly thought through your keywords.

Local businesses with a local target market can usually improve their websites results and therefore generate more business quite easily by simply reviewing their keywords and using them throughout all online marketing activities.

How to we find our keywords?

5 easy steps to finding your keywords and what to do with them

  1. Think in your prospects shoes. Think about what your ideal client would be searching online. Think outside the box a little too, for example if you are an accountant in Bondi, your could use the term ‘accountant Bondi’ or ‘help with my tax bill’.  Create a list of 10 possible keywords or phrases.
  2. Search the keywords that you think your ideal clients might be searching. Check out what other businesses show up when you use the search terms.
  3. Use the Google Keyword Tool. Google has a free tool that will show you how many people are searching for your keywords each month and it also suggests alternatives.
  4. Check if people are paying to use these keywords. Type your keywords into Google and see paid advertisements show up.
  5. Decide on the best 3-4 keywords or phrases and place them on all of your online marketing activities; your website, your social media profiles, create online videos using them in the title and description and use your keyword in your blog posts.

Follow these 5 simple steps and your online marketing presence will love you for it.