Money is NOT Fair

- July 20, 2012 2 MIN READ


The world of wealth, power and money is not fair. Not even close to being fair.

Take a look at the USA – supposedly a country where anyone can get ahead if they work hard and act smart. The top 10% of the USA’s wealthy control 95% of all the wealth! The top 1% control over 45%!

What does this tell you about how money works?

It tells you that it’s not fair. Wealth moves to and from a small percentage of key people of influence.

If you are a key person in the top 10% you can expect to be sharing in 95% of the pie. If you aren’t, you will be fighting it out with 90% of people for just 5% of the remainder. It will be exhausting and dehumanising.

It works the same inside industries. The top 10% of companies in any industry often dominate more than 80% of the revenue in that industry. The top 1% of people who run those top companies are earning fortunes while most people are barely surviving.

You hear about people taking a “leap up” in their earning power. When you look at the statistics it’s very easy to explain.

If a person is in the top 11th percentile they are still part of the 90% who are sharing in 5% of the pie.

As soon as they cross over to being in the top 10% they start sharing 95% of the pie with their new contemporaries. Sure enough, it’s a huge leap up.

For the last thousand years the top echelon of society has been preserved, protected and maintained by those in power. Only at times of great change and upheaval is it possible for some people to “jump the fence”. The industrial revolution, the information age and the internet all presented people a chance to make it.

Well here’s the newsflash, we are in times of great upheaval and change and it’s about to get bigger. The next 10-20 years will be like nothing we’ve seen before. A perfect storm of new technology, social change, political unrest, globalisation, wealth redistribution and demographical issues has been brewing for 40 years and it’s about to go pop.

The next 10-20 years will present the biggest upheaval humanity has ever seen and will offer the greatest opportunities for anyone to reposition themselves into a whole new life.

Now more than ever, this is the time to become one of the Key People of Influence in your industry. You must orchestrate your move into the top 10% now.