Mobile Social Network ‘Matewire’

- July 2, 2012 2 MIN READ


After hitting the scene earlier this month, mobile startup Matewire are looking to make their mark on the city of Sydney.

Matewire is a startup run by Sydney entrepreneurs backed by the startup-accelerator Pushstart. The app acts as a medium through which to socialize in the real world, away from Facebook, away from Twitter. Whether it is a game of football down the road, or the launching of a new club, Matewire shows you all the cool stuff happening right near you, right now.

Matewire had an official launch event on Saturday night which doubled as a birthday party for some key players in the Sydney Startup scene, there were opportunities to meet local business personalities, consume provided alcoholic beverages and mingle with the Matewire team.

Cofounder Marius Kraemer said “Matewire addresses issues raised in a recent study by Mi9, one of Australia’s leading digital media companies, revealing that Australians spend too much time on the internet.  According to the study, young Australians are consuming media 54 h/week in total, 17h of which is online” – he has a recipe to change this though “We make use of the online world to bring people off the screen back into the real world. Our goal is that people will never again have to miss the awesome activities happening just around the corner.”

Inspired by not knowing what to do in a new city or with whom to do so, Kraemer figured there must be a mobile solution for locating things to engage in nearby. To his surprise, there was not, and so with the help of the business community he set off in developing Matewire.

Matewire,with a uniquely Aussie name and with founders well connected with the university and ex-pat scene in Sydney are starting to gain some real traction, however with well backed competitors such as Roamz who use existing social media platforms to view real time activities around users, funding is going to be critical to scale the business and acquire users.