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Kogan saves customers stranded by U-NITED Warranties Collapse.

- July 12, 2012 2 MIN READ


Kogan.com has announced that, following the collapse of electronics warranty provider U-NITED Warranties, Kogan will offer assistance to thousands of Australian consumers caught by the fallout.
U-NITED Warranties (also known as United Electrical) provided outsourced warranty services to many TV brands in Australia – including those sold by the likes of Big W, Myer and Dick Smith.
As a result of the collapse, thousands of Australians will now find that the TV they purchased from these stores is no longer covered by the warranty they were entitled to.
Kogan has volunteered to step in and offer assistance to those affected, regardless of which major retailer the TV was purchased from.
“Warranty is a major part of a TV purchase and we sympathise with all customers who have been affected by this collapse,” said Ruslan Kogan, Founder & CEO of Kogan.com.
“Six years ago, we used U-NITED Warranties in our first year of operation when Kogan was run out of my parent’s garage in Melbourne. We quickly outgrew the service and built our own Australia-wide warranty network. Now, all warranties sold at kogan.com carry the full faith and credit of our company – meaning we do not farm out our responsibilities to third-party providers.
“Customers who, in good faith purchased warranties from our nation’s biggest retailers, believing that the warranty would be honoured, should not be left hanging in the air. We thought, given we have expertise in after-sales support, we could certainly help.
“We usually don’t shy away from pointing the finger at our competitors when they do the wrong thing by customers. But, at a time like this, when so many Aussie customers look like they will be left out in the lurch – it is more important to lend a hand than point a finger. Kogan has always stood up for Aussie consumers by delivering the best prices and after-sales support.
“To register your product with us, simply email assistance@kogan.com.au with your details. We will do what we can to ensure that you aren’t left hanging in the air by the retailers who sold you the warranty, whether it’s Big W, Myer, Dick Smith, Bing Lee, Harvey Norman or JB Hi-Fi,” Ruslan Kogan said.
To register your product for assistance, email assistance@kogan.com.au with:
  • The retailer you purchased the TV from
  • The purchase date
  • Your TV brand, model number and serial number
  • A copy of the receipt, and the warranty that you purchased
Kogan will endeavour to assist affected customers through provision of after-sales support, which may include (among other things) troubleshooting advice, provision of parts where available, access to repair centres around Australia, expertise in in-home repairs, guidance on technical fixes, and product repairs by the Kogan Help Centre.