I was an Incongruent Hypocrite

- July 19, 2012 3 MIN READ


If you’re following me on Facebook (and if not, why not??http://www.facebook.com/leelarocks) you would have seen that Thor and I visited Egypt in November.

This was part of our training with our spiritual mentor, Carmel Glenane. We spent two weeks at sacred sites around Egypt, meditating, doing rituals and getting married again.

Carmel had been gently reminding me regularly (as all good sales people do) that I was yet to put down my deposit for the trip. And the reason I hadn’t was simple: Last years Roadshow was the most expensive one yet – the front end cost was around $69,000 (damn my expensive tastes!).

And when you’re focusing on filling a single event, the front end sales also have to cover your living expenses for 6 months, not to mention our 3 staff members. I had the money for the deposit in my bank account, but I didn’t want to spend it. You know that feeling – you’ve got a nice little pile of money in the account and you avoid touching it. You keep it there, you know – just in case. It’s safe. It’s comfortable.

I wanted to wait until after the Renegade Rockstar Roadshow to put down the deposit because I wanted to play it “safe”.

And then I started thinking about my clients. Every day, I ask people to commit their little safety pile to me – trusting that I can show them how to exponentially increase it. We’ve now got more than 80 people registered for the Roadshow. 80 people who’ve taken a leap of faith – who’ve decided to make a stand, here and now. Who’ve decided to believe – to trust that they’ve made the right decision and that they’re going to make the most of their own investment.

Many of whom I know, for a fact, had piles much smaller than mine. Who had accumulated those piles over much longer periods of time. And I realised that by NOT putting down the deposit on my Egypt trip I was being completely incongruent. I was asking my clients to do something that I was not prepared to do myself.

And that, my friends, is NEVER cool. That is NOT who I want to be.

It also makes me a hypocrite … although, I have to say, I think hypocrisy is one of the hallmarks of being human … find me a person who says they’re not a hypocrite and I’ll show you the definition of irony.

Anyway, I then went to see Carmel and put the deposit down on my Egypt trip … and then the strangest thing happened.

The work phone rang, on a Sunday. And I told Thor he could answer it (normally I would insist on a Sunday that we let it go through to message bank) – and it was someone we’ve never spoken to before, who has been watching our stuff and who bought the highest Rock Star level ticket for the event (More than $3,000). And I was like. Yeah, Universe. Okay. I hear you.

Make a decision. Make a commitment. DO IT. Even though it’s hard – no, actually – ESPECIALLY because it’s hard.

The Universe LOVES decisive action and you’ll be rewarded for it every time.

You don’t get the Gold Medal BEFORE you get up at 5am every morning, train your arse off, focus on nothing else – you get it after. You don’t get the abundance BEFORE you spend the money, put yourself on the line, make the commitment – you get it after.

Money is a fluid energy, not a static one … the more you try and hold it, the more it slips through your fingers (Lord Vader!). Which is not to say you should be irresponsible with it – but putting off investing in the things you know you need to do … waiting another year … another month … another day … another HOUR damn it! – only hurts you and ensures the abundance you’re waiting for flows to those who are already up and training at 5am …

“It’s in the moments of decision that our
destinies are shaped.”

Tony Robbins