How to Build a $10 Million Dollar Pipeline in 12 Hours

- July 3, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Oh Robert Vicino builds Doomsday Bunkers – Yes, that’s right. His company Vivos are bringing their product to Australia. After some coverage over the weekend on Channel 7, the team at Sunrise did another interview with them in the morning, 12 hours after Vicino had his first interview. He plans to build a bunker in between Sydney and Brisbane somewhere, and already had 200 serious enquiries from the first airing of the show. Given that the minimum cost to be taken seriously is around $50,000 this equates to a $10 million dollar pipeline of potential business, before he even starts marketing the product hard.

Who knew you could sell the Apocalypse – The Guy already has over 1000 people actually signed up in other places meaning that he has generated a minimum of $50 million dollars in revenues [and remember that all are NOT created equal] some are community bunkers, others are private suites, and some for families – all with a different price tag.

One thing is obvious though, there are a lot of people with a lot of money, who WILL spend it on something that let’s face it, is only a theory, I mean, yes we all know the world will end eventually, that’s a scientific fact – but in our lifetime? Well let’s just say I would rather spend my last 50K on a nice holiday somewhere warm.

In the meantime though, I wonder what other “doomsday” products will be sold to capitalise on the hysteria that seems to be prevalent here …

Would you buy a bunker if you had the money?