Everyone Loves a Photo Shoot …

- July 10, 2012 2 MIN READ


Let’s be honest ever since mobile phones started having good quality cameras, everyone has loved to have a bit of a photo shoot with their friends, our group of mates have been going strong since 2008, back then we just said “photo shoot” but now you “Instagram” everything, and of course add a hashtag.

There is a lot of money in photo applications, just ask the founders of Instagram, but what we like about the new app that has just been launched by Australia Post is the meeting of the digital technology of the smartphone and the often regarded dying humble technology that was the letter.

The new app converts your pictures taken through the iPhone, into high quality physical postcards which you can then send to your loved ones back home with the click of a button along with your desired message. The possibilities are endless and with some of the fantastic shots and moments we have seen on applications like Instagram, some of the results should be awesome.

This is all part of Australia Posts digital strategy, the section of the business led by Catriona Larritt who is in charge of digital for post after a major restructure last year. This is the first of a long line of digital offerings that we should expect to see out of Post in the coming year. The rise of online businesses around Australia, in particular e-commerce sites present significant opportunities for them in the parcel space.

Although Aus Post still produces massive profits, mail volume is declining and digital, apps and tech along with parcels will indeed play a major role in ensuring the company comes back into a state of growth over the next 5 years.

The Australia Post App can be downloaded on the Apple Store now and pricing to send a postcard is $1.99 domestic and $2.99 for International.


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