Event: Shortcuts to Starting a Business

- July 3, 2012 2 MIN READ


A recent report released by accounting firm Taylor Woodings showed that 9074 businesses went out of business in Australia this year, an alarming statistic. To make matters worse Baby Boomers, who have been the major drivers of small business for the last 30 years, are heading to retirement and looking to exit their businesses over the next 5 to 10 years, and many will just close the doors.

“Due to this poor planning, owners get tired and just walk away. This is a huge opportunity for the younger generation to save these businesses and make a lot of money in the process” says Carl Taylor, #1 Author and founder of Business Builders Academy.

It’s not just at the retirement end that businesses are failing, a huge proportion of businesses don’t make it past their first 3 years. When starting out most entrepreneurs jump into their business starry eyed and completely under-prepared. They have dreams of taking on the world only to find that business can be cruel.

“Many entrepreneurs have an idea but have no structured business plan, market tested strategies or support to ensure the new venture is a success. Others are simply too intimidated or daunted by the prospect of launching a business and never try. Well we have the solution!” says Jeremy Liddle, Founder of Build It. Grow it. Bank it! and head delegate for Australia at the recent G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit in Mexico.

These two successful young entrepreneurs are tackling these problems head on by putting on a groundbreaking event, Shortcuts to Starting a Business, on July 19th at the Sydney Masonic Centre in Sydney. Liddle and Taylor have identified two types of entrepreneurs in need of education and strategic advice;

1. Those with a great idea that need help with confidence, planning, support and access to funding

2. Those without an idea but a burning desire to get into business, for which Carl has “The ultimate shortcut”

To register for this event head to http://ShortcutsToStartingABusiness.com



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