Event: Australian Society of Entrepreneurs

- July 19, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Are you an innovator, opportunist, resourceful, quick thinking or enthusiastic? Interested in sharing & learning entrepreneurial related knowledge, skills, techniques and resources with a bunch of other well rounded entrepreneurs? or are you just starting out and would like to meet some of our successful members and be mentored?

This is a place where we can all stand on the edge of thought, ideas and creativity and share openly; all meet ups are public and designed to benefit the members. Why YOU should be a part of this entrepreneurs group: – Learn insider business secrets & strategies – Listen & learn from guest speakers in niche markets from around Australia – Improve your soft skills i.e speaking, presenting, creativity, partnerships, rapport – Receive discounts and sponsorship from our partners on upcoming local events/seminars/workshops.

Make lasting friendships and connections with like minded – Kick start your entrepreneurial engines with mentors and courses for FREE! – Promote and joint venture openly in a safe and monitored environment – Be part of the largest entrepreneurial movements in Australia Take an active role within an organisation that rewards the individual, supports the masterminds and sponsors the risk takers. We are as passionate about business, success and life as we are about our beloved members.

All events are recorded for viewing during our social catchups and networking functions and all members will have access to view old footage, review particular speakers or events. Most events will finish in a networking activity and a social dinner or drinks. Location will vary based on the majority of our members requirements, events location will be determined by RSVP’s and activity requirements. We look forward to helping you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams!

Next Event is July 25th in Sydney – Book Here