Coolest New App of the Year? I think Yes!

- July 23, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


As our mobiles become more powerful, we are starting to see them be used for professional photography and video, as a matter a fact, all of the videos that you see on this site, are made on the iPhone and edited in iMovie, and in situations where there is a microphone that is actually just plugged directly into the iPhone.

This app Vyclone takes EVERYTHING to a WHOLE new level, and it is simply in one word AWESOME. The technology behind it is pretty bloody snazzy, it can tell when multiple people are shooting the one event and using their “top secret” algorithms it mashes all the videos and angles together and sends back a 360 degree view of everything that was going on.

Think about the cool things you could do, record a video clip for a band, cover an event that you come across whilst out with your mates or simply use it to make the videos you are making a little more professional, we are definitely having a crack at this one in next weeks VNewsletter.

At the moment Viddy out ranks all other Video related apps available, is this the dark horse that could take over?