Becoming the Key Person in your Industry in 4 Steps!

- July 31, 2012 2 MIN READ


What is a “Key Person”?

In any industry there are “Key People”

– Their names come up in conversation … for all the right reasons
– They attract a lot of opportunities … the right sort
– They earn a lot more money than most people … and it isn’t a struggle
– They can make something successful if they are involved… and people know it

How do you become a “Key Person”… faster

It’s surprisingly easy to become recognised as a Key Person if you take the time to put these four things in place…

1. You need to know your niche and your micro-niche 

It’s not enough to have a niche. You need a niche within a niche. When you have that, you tend to answer the question “what do you do?” with a lot more authority and power. A niche is “Bodybuilding” a micro-niche is “Vegetarian Bodybuilding” or “12 Week Transformations” or “Christian Bodybuilding in the M25″. When you know exactly the specific game that you’re playing you don’t just make more money, you also have more fun and see more rewards.

2. You need a book

This isn’t hard. It will take you 6 months (tops) from the day you sit and jot down your concept to the day you open up a brown box full of books with your face on them.
These days you can publish very short runs of books (you could start by ordering 20 copies of your book) and it’s easy to get it up on Amazon. A few shining reviews (from people who share the same names of people who frequent your dinner parties) and all of a sudden your a published author with global distribution.

3. You need a product

Not difficult either. A day with a voice recorder (and no kids in the background), a few quid spent with an audio guy to “top and tail” it and then it’s ready for manufacture. You’ll spend about £1 per copy for a boxed CD or DVD and once again you can order it in small quantities. Now you can provide value to people all over the world. A good CD or DVD kit can sell for £29 – £129 depending on the content.

4. You need to ‘Google well’

Provided your name isn’t Mark Chan this isn’t as challenging as you think either (and even if it is, it’s not nearly impossible). If you take 2 days of focused effort you can set up a great Facebook club, Ecademy Group and Ning Forum. You can have a social-network profile on a dozen sites, a twitter account with 400+ followers and a dozen blogs. With all that in place you are going to sky-rocket up the Google listings. Staying there will require you to be diligent but if you are organised, that can take less than 30 mins a day (and it could be done from your iPhone in the back of a cab).

Now you have these four things in place, sit back and watch what happens to your life. People will ask you to speak at events, you will be referred to as an ‘expert’ or ‘well connected’, you will get focused opportunities coming your way and just like Daisy the Cow, you will be out standing in your field!