Arribaa – Much more than a Peer to Peer Marketplace!

- July 23, 2012 2 MIN READ


Peer to Peer marketplaces are a growing industry at the moment, with many such as Airbnb etc attracting capital from big time investors. The founders of new startup Arribaa are the latest from the Aussie Startup scene to launch their peer to peer experiences platform to the world.

“Arribaa is encouraging people to get out a try something different.Often the biggest obstacle to exploring something in your own backyard is that you don’t always know how to go about it”, says Arribaa’s front woman Colette Grgic. “We overcome that barrier by giving you an in – we connect you to a real person who is passionate about that thing you’re interested in and just itching to share their enthusiasm with you.”

Unlike many of the other experience applications that simply allow users to connect with what is usually companies or more mainstream events, Arribaa encourages locals to host unique experiences they enjoy and love and make money from the explorers in the process.

What I really dig about this application is that it much more than a “connection” platform, it has a money making focus from the outset, enabling the team to build a massive database and massive revenues in conjunction with each other, I also really love that those people selling experiences can have a regular source of incoming revenue based on repeated offerings for their experience.

Quite often when you are travelling it is those moments that take you off the beaten track and into the thick of things that you learn the most from and leave you with the greatest memories.

Colette says the first batch of hosts joined the site because they were thrilled to have an opportunity to share the things they loved to do. “It’s not about the money, but the money certainly helps. Our hosts are finding that creating and offering experiences on Arribaa not only highlights their unique interests, but gives them an incentive to pursue those interests more often.”

A friend of mine was only telling me the other day of a cruise she went on to New Zealand recently, at one of the ports she and another passenger got chatting to a local who told them about an elder on the island who still lived traditionally in the forest in a hut and smoked the fresh seafood he caught in the same way it was done back in the early days, they went with this local guy and spent time with the elder and ate a traditional lunch with him etc. She said it was one of the best experiences she has ever had. This is the type of thing I see happening with this application, and the benefit is, at least there is a degree of safety in having the organisers details beforehand.

Ultimately, the aim is to have people spend more time doing what they love. “We’v been delighted to see what people are offering on the site – the diversity in the first batch of hosts has been great” says Colette. “We’re very excited to see what else will be uncovered over the next weeks.”