AngelPad: Building Great Startups

- July 13, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


As all the incubator classes come to the end of their 2012 sessions here, we thought it would be nice to check out what is happening across the US.

AngelPad is a mentorship program founded by Thomas Korte with a team of ex-Google employees to help technology startups build better products, attract seed funding and grow more successful businesses. AngelPad provides founders with funding, mentorship and the chance to work alongside other great founders at the AngelPad office in San Francisco.

“AngelPad is in the business of taking companies from a very early stage, anytime from idea to some prototyping, all the way through fundraising and beyond as they become part of the network of companies in AngelPad,” explains Thomas Korte, founder of AngelPad. “Starting a company has become really easy. The challenge that we run into is to decipher interesting features and helping build a company around these.”

Twice a year, AngelPad provides their extensive mentorship program to carefully selected startups. The ten week program covers all aspects of a company launch — from idea to product, market fit, customer acquisition and fundraising. AngelPad also takes care of the less glamorous things like incorporation, immigration visas or setting up books.


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