Adelaide Startup creates the Instagram for Street Art!

- July 19, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


I often come across new startups, apps and websites and think how much certain people I know would love them. StreetArt.io is one of those apps that my friends would love and be highly engaged with. Quite often a walk to the local pub is interrupted whilst they suddenly stop, whip out their phones and take pictures of some giant street art in a laneway or on a wall etc. To be honest Street Art is not really my thing, however I do recognise that some of it is world class artistry.

In most cities now, people actually run tours to go around and look at the various “street art hubs” and it is becoming quite a popular tourist attraction. This new startup from Adelaide helps curate the locations of the best street art around the world, giving users a digital / mobile reference guide to what is where around their areas and abroad.

It’s a niche market, but hardly a small niche. I think these guys are going to get a decent amount of downloading happening as the word get’s out to the masses.