A Look at the Truth behind Women in Tech …

- July 5, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


A few weeks ago we drew your attention to an initiative called Makers, interviewing some of Americas Most Influential Women in various Industries. Today we are taking a look at Women in Tech – Or the lack of … and the challenges they are facing even in this day and age. Above Sheryl Sandberg talks about the divide in Silicon Valley between Tech and Non Tech, and where the future is heading.

Heather Fleming talks of the challenges of being a “young girl” and having to validate herself when dealing with businesses, and what many people think her advantage [her youth] she sees as a disadvantage and thus has a “Love Hate Relationship” with her youth.

Marissa Mayer is the Vice President for Local, Maps and Location Services. She talks about being the first female engineer at Google and the fact that when growing up the only link between computer science and women for her was the lady running the catalogue system for JC Penny.

Leila Janah is the CEO of Samasource, connecting people in poverty to work through the internet. She talks about being a minority in tech and the perception and challenges facing females in the space.