VNewsletter 18/06 – What do Women Want?

- June 18, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

What do Women want?

I have no bloody idea what the answer to this question is. But I do know that when it comes to business and startups, women want a voice, and a chance to be heard. Last week we soft launched our Shoe String Women  section of our website. This has been designed to give women in the startup world a voice, a place to share ideas, opinions and personal stories via user submitted content. It is also a place to discuss, debate, relate and disagree on the forums underneath and have your opinion heard.

We are proud to partner with Women as Entrepreneurs as our partners for this initiative and are looking forward to hearing what you all have to say. And Gentlemen, if you have something you feel is applicable to contribute, don’t be shy!

Our site statistics show that 60% of our audience are females between 24 -45 and it is important to us to make sure that we keep our ENTIRE audience engaged, being a small group of guys we are conscious that a lot of the time our articles have the potential to steer down the path of male nerdiness. Which is not what we want at all.

So Ladies, Over to you -What do you want to see discussed? What fuels your fire? Who inspires you? How can your experiences help other women?

Let us know – There are over 10,000 female readers on this site that want to chat!