VNewsletter 4th of June 2012

- June 4, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


One of the things that a lot of startups ask me about is how we were able to build our readership so fast in the first few months. I love it when they ask this, because it allows me to talk to them about strategic partnerships with other businesses and how you can use them to build an engaged audience for FREE!

When we first launched Shoe String, a year ago on Friday, one of the first things that we did was approach Vistaprint [who were just launching their Aussie Based operation at the time] and offered to promote their products and offerings via our website, plus contribute content to their blog and local social media. This worked out great for us, as no only did they promote our site via their social media channels for us, it made our site look extremely professional because we had advertising running from a massive global company.

By doing this we were able to attract our first readers, who shared the site’s content with even more people and the pattern continues to this very day. The challenge I set you this week is to find out what YOUR value proposition is to other businesses that would make a strategic partnership with them worthwhile. Then let us know over at the facebook wall.

Until next week, Keep doing Amazing Things!