Today I met a President. The 2012 G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit concludes

- June 12, 2012 2 MIN READ


If, a month ago, you had told me that I’d be in Los Pinos Mexico city meeting Mexican President Felipe Calderon in a few weeks, I’d have said you are completely nuts. This is however exactly the kind of doors that the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Association (www.g20yea.com) can open up for its members and country delegates. That is the kind of voice that the G20YEA gives to Entrepreneurs all around the world in front of both government and the private sector.

The summit concluded with the signing of a communiqué that called upon the G20 Leaders to focus on entrepreneurship as an answer to the issues we are currently facing around youth unemployment and slow economic growth. This communiqué was what we handed over to the President during our audience.

The communiqué identified five key actions that would provide the driver for inclusive economic growth, innovation, job creation and social cohesion:

  • Creating a continuum of traditional and innovative funding sources with incentives through all stages of business growth
  • Increasing access to simplified information and integrated youth enterprise support with strong knowledge and skills infrastructure
  • Promoting a collaborative environment across private and public sectors, civil society and academia, that enables young   entrepreneurs to start, grow, learn and have a second chance in business, within their countries and internationally
  • Minimizing regulatory and tax barriers for start-up and early-stage businesses to reduce costs and increase efficiencies
  • Fostering a stronger youth entrepreneurship culture through promoting and teaching entrepreneurship and raising awareness

The communiqué concluded by stating that the G20 YEA, are able and willing to work together with their respective governments to help ensure young entrepreneurs and their businesses can play their role in being the architects of the 21st century.

Francisco J. Ruiz López, Chair of the G20 YES and President Nacional de la Comision de Empresarios Jovenes of COPAMREX said: “We have created something unique, pulling together the organizations that represent young entrepreneurs at a national level within all the G20 member nations. The communiqué we have signed here today represents our collective views, on what we feel will provide the catalyst for entrepreneurs across the globe. Lets all of us say yes to the G20 YES”

In addition to the communiqué the summit bought together entrepreneurs’ from all sectors and in all regions, facilitating business connections and business growth opportunities and providing tangible trade benefits for individuals and wider economies.

The next G20 YEA Leadership Assembly will be taking place in Berlin, Germany in October of this year, which I will be attending as the new Australian Sherpa. It will bring together leading practitioners in the field of youth enterprise and entrepreneurship for around the globe to look at how entrepreneurs’ and enterprise development can help provide a long-term solution to the current Eurozone crisis.

So in conclusion. This year’s G20YES could not have finished with greater success.Thank you to the amazing Australia entrepreneurs that came and represented our country. You are amazing.

Stay tuned for how we are going to implement the directives from this communiqué in Australia, and start to create some change!