Startup Tinybeans clocking over 1000 Unique Browsers Daily!

- June 13, 2012 2 MIN READ


Just a few short months after being announced as one of the Pushstart startups, online baby journal TinyBeans has launched to the world and is steaming ahead nicely. The website and new mobile app are already garnering over 1000 Unique Users daily, proving their theory that parents WANT a digital forum in where they can tell everyone they want to know about everything “their children”.

Tinybeans takes the headache out of collecting, storing and sharing photos of children for parents. Users can upload photos and store them in a calendar format, creating a journal day by day.  The Tinybeans Team has also just released their iPhone app, which enables parents to conveniently upload images from their camera on the go.

Parents can share an account and invite family and friends to view the album through their private page on the Tinybeans website.  Grandparents can then comment on the photos and achievements of their favourite tinybeans and follow their lives.

Tinybeans is for new parents and all those parents who intended to keep an up-to-date photo journal but never found the time.  Tinybeans is for those close friends and family who wish to see more of a child’s life than they currently do from afar. Tinybeans is also for all those Facebook friends who have seen far too many baby photos. Parents can keep those moments safe and sound on Tinybeans and only share the really special moments with all their Facebook friends.

Co-founder, Sarah-Jane Kurtini says, “We are really excited to have made it so easy for parents to create a beautiful journal of their children’s lives. We are also helping make it simple for families to connect. We’re getting lots of feedback from grandparents who are really enjoying seeing their grandchildren grow day by day.”

Since the launch of the app, the team have been working on a raft of new features including bulk uploads, video uploads and a way for parents to easily track their children’s milestones and development.