This Really Does Change Everything…

- June 19, 2012 2 MIN READ


Since the introduction of the Apple iPad I’ve been advocating tablets as a great asset for businesses, bringing portability and functionality to everyone. Not everyone agreed and in part that was because the vast majority of businesses run Microsoft Windows infrastructure and they were reluctant to start supporting another operating system.

The introduction of a range of Android based tablets also didn’t change the landscape all that much, it really just gave consumers some options for those that enjoy the Android operating system.

Today however Microsoft, has FINALLY, got themselves in the game with the launch of the Microsoft Surface a Windows 8 Tablet that is going to change everything or in the words of Microsoft “A tablet that’s a great PC, a PC that’s a great tablet. A new kind of computing.”

Microsoft is launching two models the entry level model runs Windows RT, it s 676 grams, 9.3mm thick and includes microSD, USB 2.0 HD Video, WiFi and either 32GB or 64GB of built-in storage.. While the Windows 8 Pro is slightly heavier at 903 grams and 13.5mm in thickness this unit can be configured with 64GB or 128GB of built-in storage.
Perhaps the biggest selling feature for many businesses is that it runs Windows 8, so at least in theory the device should interconnect with existing windows networks seamlessly not to mention MS Office applicants on the surface.

Oh and if you were wondering about covers, Microsoft has thought of that as well with the introduction of the Touch Cover. It is about 3mm thin and includes a built in keyboard and while you may not need to use a keyboard every day times do exist when it would make life easier and it’s right there as part of the cover. Local pricing and release details are not yet known, we will provide more information as it comes to hand.

Will you be getting a Microsoft Surface?



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