The New Startup Airline in Town!

- June 5, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


I am personally excited that Scoot Air, the new budget airline carrier by Singapore Airlines is launching it’s first flights on June 5th. It almost makes me want to launch a new part of the site dedicated to Budget Business Travel for Startups and SMB’s – in fact, I am going to do just that!

Let’s face it, when we are just starting our New Business journey and it requires us to travel, be it interstate or overseas, we can’t afford to exactly be indulgent and spend our own or investors money on business class seats or 5 star upgrades. We need to be sensible about our decisions and spend as little as possible. That is why services such as Scoot Air are a very welcome addition to the travel industry for our community.

If you are a light flier than you will be able to travel to places such as Singpore, Thailand and China for as little as $500 return depending on what is available. For those who want to take up to 15kg of luggage, sporting equipment or want to have meals there is a minor upgrade fee. The seats on the aircraft are supposed to be a little wider too – mostly due to the fact they don’t have an inflight entertainment system built in to the back of the seat in front. Instead they have pre loaded iPad2’s with all your latest movie releases and entertainment needs.

Given that Singapore Airlines is such a great company and one of the best airlines that I have ever flown with, I look forward to experiencing this new no frills option – now, where should I go to? I wonder what’s happening in the startup space in Bangkok…