The My Little Pony Convention

- June 13, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Confession: My old flatmate and I used to have a pink and blue my little pony each, we named them Work [the pony] and Bitchslap [the pony] 

Besides the fact that I am hoping my [pregnant] sister has a girl next week so I can play My Little Ponies with her, I am extremely excited to announce that in my search for discovering new and exciting startups today, I discovered that, they actually have a MY LITTLE PONY convention #ponycon that has been running in the US for the past 9 years.

Seriously what a genius idea, having the worlds largest celebration of everything My Little Pony – it is a two day thing where they bring “collectors, friends, bronies [bro’s into ponies] and fanatics of all ages and from all over the world together for two days of pony fun!”

And they have speakers! – Seriously! I love it! – One of the headliners this year in Andrew W. K. – One of the biggest party animals out there who will be doing a keynote called: “In the Flesh; What would Pinkie Pie do?” For non-pony people, we all know that Pinkie Pie is a party hard kind of gal’.

What other VERY niche conventions have you been to or would like to see happen?