Supporting Young Social Entrepreneurs

- June 14, 2012 2 MIN READ


The Vibewire hub in Melbourne is a great space, and they are extremely active in supporting young social entrepreneurs getting projects off the ground that benefit society, the environment and culture. They have just launched a campaign on Crowdfunding site Start Some Good to raise $3000 to cover costs for having three social ventures have three months at no cost in the building so they can focus on changing the world.

Their Campaign:

Young people who want to create social change need access to the right people and resources to get their projects off the ground. Help us support their work! The Vibewire Hub is a co-working space opened by Vibewire in 2006 and focused on supporting younger (<36) social innovators to participate in creating change.

Access to the Vibewire Hub is usually on a user-pays basis but with your help we want to raise the funds to offer scholarships to three teams of young innvoators working on three critical challenges confronting our community. We want to give three social startups the space, resources and mentoring they need in order to have the best chance of success. We want to find people with great ideas and support them to make those ideas happen with no cost restrictions.

Support Social Startups to take action on issues that you care about.

We will be supporting young people (aged 18 – 35) who are launching Social Startups that sit within, and drive action on the following areas:

1. Green living and sustainable design

2. Open Learning and Education

3. Mental Health Issues focused on young people

Once we reach the campaign tipping point, we will begin accepting applications from social startups who require the support and resources provided by this campaign.

Campaign supporters get to vote for their favourite Social Startups, helping to choose the innovations which will drive change on these critical issues.

Take a closer look at the campaign and where the funding goes!