Startup Launches Organic Aussie Made Clothing Label!

- June 8, 2012 2 MIN READ


Level Seven (L7) is the new Aussie brand hitting our streets and proving you can keep it in Australia…Aussie style.

The garments are made from 100% organic cotton and certified by Ethical Clothing Australia. Meaning that everyone involved in its production worked in Australia, received fair conditions and wages, and the product was made in Australia. The garments are made and printed in Melbourne.

With three ranges Equipt, Everyday and L7 + MLB they combine influences from the American and Aussie surf and skate culture with simple innovative designs and a focus on originality. The Aussie surf and skate culture is evident with the fun relaxed approach to the designs and bright colours reflecting our beach culture.

The Equipt range is designed to be worn loose and embraces the trend this winter by sticking to the basics with black, military grey and white. The Equipt range is made from extremely hardwearing material for skaters. The thicker material is able to withstand falls and play tough all day just like the wearer. Designed for the man that likes his tee fitted with a mix of pop culture, the Everydayrange are tailored fitting tees that feature cool designs including skulls and surfboards.

The L7 + MLB range will have limited edition designs for those that don’t want to see everyone wearing the same tee as them because it is mass produced. Suited for the guy that likes to show off his individuality. The first design to be released for the limited edition will be the “Drip” and available in three colours.

Level Seven is a company built on friendship, tradition and ambition. The team at L7 have been a part of each other’s lives for almost two decades. Together they have been through the trials and tribulations that life has to offer. Growing up skating, riding and having weekend adventures was their passion. It is this passion that planted the seed to create a truly Australian brand.

Over the past decade iconic Australian brands have moved all manufacturing overseas, taking with them Australian jobs. One afternoon in one of the owner’s garage the conversation moved on to iconic Australian brands that had moved overseas, this conversation began the Level Seven journey to create a successful Australian brand, to show that it can be done and can be sustainable.

L7 is creating its own culture not mirroring the many that have been before them. A culture of: trust, loyalty and quality. That is built by local designers, quality materials and high manufacturing standards.

Level Seven has joined forces with Sound Hearing 2030, which is an initiative that helps give back hearing to underprivileged children in different regions of Asia. With every purchase of L7, together they hope to assist in providing hearing aids for those people that have lost something most of us take for granted.

The Level Seven crew has grown up together always pushing the bar. And now with the new brand hitting the streets “the game has new rules”.