Should Media & Business be Biased around public Campaigns?

- June 6, 2012 2 MIN READ


I was really trying not to let this one annoy me, but the Australian Christian Lobby campaign against  Sunrise and Marie Claire’s support of “I Do” day this Thursday really had me thinking about something today – Is it ok for Media to support public causes and campaigns or should we always try to remain neutral on such matters?

Personally I can not stand fence sitting and for me I would rather a show, magazine or website be frank with their views and be open for debate on the matter instead of trying to please everyone. That is why I applaud Marie Claire & Sunrise for standing by what they believe this week when it comes to standing up for Marriage Equality in Australia.

Media is changing, in fact the change has already happened – it’s just that some people have not noticed yet. Basic reporting on news and events is where it starts, but the stuff that keeps people engaged these days are blogs, opinions, open forums and debate – that constant re-engagement is where the viewers, page views and listener dollars happen. So I think that when media takes a stance on something it is beneficial.

With Business though it can be tricky. What if I piss off customers? What if people threaten to boycott my business because I am supporting something that I personally believe in? Should I as the founder of my business put aside my feelings for the sake of commercial success?

These are questions I can not answer on your behalf. All I can say is that you have to do what you believe is right, do what you feel comfortable with and know that you have done the best you could within the circumstances. And at the end of the day if standing by something you feel strongly about loses you a few customers, then they probably were not the audience you were wanting to interact with in the first place.

As for me and this company, well I have decided to take a stand – after all the entire operation here is run by a bunch of gays [we are forcing our US Editor Rob to be a temporary gay for this post] and we are doing something FABULOUS on Thursday to show our support for Marriage Equality in Australia as well as standing by the choice of Sunrise and Marie Claire as both media outlets and businesses choosing to support this. Unfortunately my first choice of riding down George Street on a Unicorn was rejected by the team so instead we are turning the whole site rainbow from midnight tonight, including our facebook wall and Saying “I Do” to Marriage Equality.

Stop. Glitter Time.