Q&A with MiGoals Founder Adam Jelic

- June 22, 2012 4 MIN READ


1.     Tell me how the concept of starting MiGoals came about.

The actual idea and concept for Mi Goals began about 6 years ago, I remember the eureka moment being when I was in a sales training development day and the facilitator asked us to take out a scrap piece of paper and write our goals down, I thought to myself I wish I had a specific and structured place to write my goals down, and from that day the idea of Mi Goals was born.

From our initial product Mi Goals Diary, the idea evolved into creating a lifestyle brand which bridged the gap and made personal development products and tools, into lifestyle products that were more relevant, design focused and acceptable to our generation. (gen y/x).

I wanted to start the business venture because I was and still am very passionate about inspiring and helping people believe and achieve what they truly desire to in life. The reasons for this are I started to set goals when I was about 16 and quickly saw the positive impacts of writing and pursuing my goals. Quickly my mindset developed  into believing that anything was truly possible, prior to this like many middle class people of my generation (gen Y) I was led to believe that I should simply get good grades, go to university, get a good job and work to get promotions. Dreaming and believing I could have an impact on people’s lives and make a difference in the world where seen as being unrealistic and I was often told to stop dreaming and get real by those closest around me. One of my personal motivations to starting Mi Goals was to prove to the naysayers that dreams do come true and it is our hope our products and brand will inspire millions of people around the world to believe and act towards their dreams and not be dragged down by those who say they can’t.

2. In your own words, how would you describe MiGoals’ target audience to our readers?

The Mi Goals target audience are urban savvy individuals; they are predominantly professional females aged between 24-35 who are passionate about making the most out of their life and appreciate quality products, design and functionality.

3. Who came up with the idea?

I was the one who came up with the idea for Mi Goals, since then I have been working with our design team to create new products and build the business into a leading Australian lifestyle brand.

4. What makes MiGoals unique and stand out from the rest in the market place? (If your products are made from recycled materials, organic materials, you can add this as a unique feature for example)

A few things that make Mi Goals stand out from the rest of the market place are:

  • Our products are designed and made in Melbourne, in a day and age where most brands/ competitors are manufactured overseas we believe in using quality materials and supporting our local manufacturers.
  • The Mi Goals range are products that not only look good and feel good, but they also help make a difference to the lives of individuals who use our products, essentially our products make people happy and help make the world a better place because of that.
  • The products created are all products the team and I use personally. Our belief is that the best way to be a successful brand is to experience and understand what makes our products great from a consumer perspective. At the start of each product/range we brainstorm and think of products and tools which we want to use and would help us to become more inspired, focused and action orientated towards our goals.

 5.     How do you hope to attract users How do you hope to attract users when the world is going digital, with the increase of ‘productive apps’ integrated into smartphones that allow users to plan and be up-to-date, why have you chosen to continue to sell hardcopy diaries, planners and the alike the ‘old-fashioned way’?

Personally I have always and still to this day use hardcopy diaries, planners and notebooks. In creating the Mi Goals brand I want to create products not only for our consumers but also for myself thus one of the main reasons for starting our brand with hard copy products.

However, though all are products are hard copy at this stage the fact is the long term vision for Mi Goals was never simply to be a stationery brand. I have always believed that the Mi Goals brand has the potential to evolve and expand into different markets and utilise various devices, tools and media to achieve our goal of inspiring people to accomplish their goals and live inspired lives. Personally I think as I become more tech savvy you will start to see the brand go towards digital products and tools. As a business we believe individuals have goals in many different parts of their life, our aim is to help them make those goals a reality by creating tools and products which promote action towards those goals. From a business perspective though it seems everything is going digital I know there is still a large demand for hard copy products, and will be for many many years to come.

6.     Has your start-up business been profitable?

Yes we have just become profitable in late February, basically a year and half to turn a small profit.

7.     What’s your most popular item?

Mi Goals Diary, from the beginning our brand has been built around this product.

8.     When was MiGoals launched? (The month and year only)

We officially launched Mi Goals in October 2010, with one product which was the Mi Goals Diary.

9.     In the world of starting up, what advice would you like to pass on, for others to profit from? What have you learnt so far?

Follow your passions, stay focused, and aim to make a difference.

I believe far too many potential start ups/ entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to create the next big thing and focus on simply making millions or billions of dollars. Sure that’s not a bad thing but what I have learnt so far from experience and reading about successful individuals is that doing something you are truly passionate about increases the likelihood of being successful and makes the journey along the way a much more successful and happier one. I once heard someone say “To Love what you do and feel that it matters, what could be better.” That best explains how I feel towards what I am doing with Mi Goals and that is the feeling all entrepreneurs should strive to feel and accomplish.