Posse Launches – Are you Sharing Your World?

- June 25, 2012 2 MIN READ


For the last couple of weeks, new startup Posse has been admitting a limited number of individuals into it’s “gates” every day. The company founded by Rebekah Campbell made a major pivot recently and closed another 1.2 million dollar funding round from a group of US and Australian based investors.

I have been checking out the new site over the weekend. When it comes to gamification of things I am a hard customer to please, I am also not consistent. I mean I love Angry Birds, but hate Words with Friends – I am not a fan of Sim’s at all, and I guess because of the style in which Posse is set out, I am kind of on the fence as to whether it is really going to entice me to come back and keep using it or not.

The graphics, I actually like, they kind of remind me of the types of elements you would see on Zooey Deschanel’s website Hello Giggles – which means, I think that females will be attracted to it. The idea is to help out local business and this is an aspect of the site that I do like – users share the places they go on their “streets” and then the community can check out their friends streets.

We all know that a recommendation is the most successful way to drive new business to a local business, so I think with critical masse on the site and celebrity profiles etc, the desired effect will definitely come to fruition. I also think that the “mummy” crowd may become one of the biggest crowds of users.

I was going to start adding things to my street over the weekend, but realised the only things I do at the moment is go to my house to sleep and the chicken shop across the road, I’m gonna wait till next week so I can put my gym in their and a sushi bar, that way I look less lame and far more healthy …


[image:The Music Network]