Oi. Fatty!

- June 1, 2012 4 MIN READ



So for something completely new and different someone I’ve never met or spoken to decided to come onto one of my threads on my Facebook page yesterday and berate me for my weight.

Sadly, this is a not uncommon occurrence in my life. On a regular basis people attempt to use my weight as a way to invalidate any point I make. Any logical person with a half a brain can see that making sales, success in business, and entrepreneurial theory are completely unrelated to the number of kilos on the scale. But of course, these aren’t intelligent and logical people – they’re desperate and pathetic losers. Desperate to make excuses for their own failures – desperate to be better than me in some way. So they fall back to the ONLY thing they’ve got over me. They’re not smarter. They’re not more successful. They’re not nicer people. The only thing they have is that they weigh less than me.

This doesn’t just happen to me – Gulliver cops it regularly too. The latest ones have been attacking him for being bald (which personally, I think is extremely hot. I don’t date guys who don’t shave their heads. I like my guys to be bald, built and masculine … and there’s a reason bald is first on that list).

These are actually the insults that don’t bother me so much.

It’s true. I’m fat.

Congratulations Mr I’m a 5 year old – you picked my most obviously physical feature and attempted to turn it into an insult.

I’m not ashamed of who I am – and your pathetic attempts to insult me and make me embarrassed won’t work.  Oh, I understand why you think they would – you’re so shallow that the only thing you value is physical appearances (and, hilariously, this from someone who is trying to sell – from what I can tell – some form of personal development). If someone called you ugly or fat that would be, like, the WORST day of your life and you’d have to go home and cry into your weetbix. Me, I’ve been hearing this shit since I was 5. It lost it’s ability to hurt or even bother me a long time ago.

It does, however, allow me to bring up a really important teaching point for other people – and for that, I thank you.

You see, the do-nothing, “let’s go to free events and have coffee” crowd are ALWAYS going to hate you for being successful (because they’re not). And don’t think that the attacks and insults will be limited to your business. They won’t be. When you stick your head up, EVERYTHING becomes fair game – the way you look, your partner, your children. People will find ways to publicly attack everything about your in order to make themselves feel better about being losers.

(As an aside, this is why I try to avoid making judgements of celebrities and politicians when I’ve never met them – because I think it’s downright disgusting.)

And the attacks aren’t always going to be as nice as “You’re fat”.

I’ve been accused by people who have never met or even spoken to me of misappropriating company funds to buy drugs (that was a weird one); of secretly raising children while telling people that I’m childless (huh?); of selling get rich quick while telling people I’m a millionaire (two things I go OUT of my way, all the time, NOT to do – I am not a millionaire. You will not get rich quick – it’ll be a lot of damned hard work.). I even managed to get a death threat when I publicly spoke about not wanting children.

Someone else the other day posted me a link to this poor chick’s website:


On it, she talks about stepping back from the public limelight because of the horrendous attacks she’s received.

I feel her – I really do.

But I found one part of her post really telling:

“Don’t stand still, don’t be a passive target. Never put my head up so they can take aim at you, never spout off, don’t be too loud, don’t oppose and never EVER engage them in argument. That way lies madness.”


Stand still, stand your ground, turn around and let them take all the aim they want while spouting off loudly.
Oppose them with everything you are and argue CONSTANTLY. Otherwise, you become a passive victim and THAT way lies madness.

I’ve received the same kind of vilification – but I’ve never taken it quietly. And I’m pretty sure that’s the one thing that’s kept me sane. I don’t bottle up my emotions, I let loose. And sure, I know that makes me more of a target and there are those who think I’m wrong and unprofessional for it – but I’m still here. And every day, I get better at dealing with the haters.

It’s always interesting, too, that the people in your life who advise turning the other cheek, typically don’t understand the voracity of the attacks received. If it was all about being fat, I’d spend most of my day laughing. I can think of far more demeaning words and concepts than fat – here’s a few, just for you Aaron.

  • Nasty
  • Narcissistic
  • Mean Spirited
  • Judgmental
  • Jealous
  • Hater
  • Broke
  • Stupid

If the world was full of fat people who were the opposite of the above list, the world would be a far better place. The fact we have so many healthy and good looking people with the above traits is why the world is in the mess it’s in.