New Aussie Site Forecasts Personal Cashflow!

- June 13, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Kixup – Online Budgeting is an online personal budgeting tool that allows users to forecast their expenses. Users can gain piece of mind knowing what their financial furtures are going to look like. The startup was founded and launched by young entrepreneur Andrew Frahm.


Frahm is embarking on his first startup adventure and has a goal to re-educate Australian’s on financial education. Much like many young entrepreneurs, he has been moonlighting on the side as he has been working a busy “day job” as an account manager for a large software company in Brisbane.

“Kixup’s focus is to help educate the Australian public on better financial management. With more than one in four bankrupts under 35, it is obvious that their is a lack of financial education” says Frahm.

“there are a number of companies that take complete control of your money, giving you a weekly allowance. While this is beneficial to some, it doesn’t teach you how to manage your own finances, often resulting in troubles once you leave the service.”

For as little as $3.00 a month, users can start to see their financial future.